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Ubisoft Confirms Rainbow Six Siege for PS5, Cross-Play to Hopefully Continue Next-Gen | Pure PlayStation

Latest News Posted on 17th February 2020

While we’re still no closer to seeing the PS5, it’s good to know that when it does finally release there will be some top-tier games available from day one. Ubisoft has confirmed that it will be there on the grand opening of next-gen with its blockbuster hit Rainbow Six Siege.

PS4 VR’s big Dreams update will make owning a PSVR on PS5 worth it

Dreams on PS4 has now launched but it doesn’t sound like fans will be waiting long for the game to reach other platforms. During a recent interview with Media Molecule's Alex Evans, it was revealed that Dreams will be coming next to PS4 VR. And there probably could be a new Virtual Reality project more likely to push sales on both the PS4 and PS5. The game creation tool has been shown to offer incredible scope for those wanting to take on both basic and complex projects.

Laser Li-Fi Could Offer 100 Gbps Data Speeds

Thanks to the rapid advancements in technology, the data transfer speed using radio waves have improved drastically. We now have access to 5G capable smartphones that can send and receive data at unbelievable speeds.

New Witcher 3 patch for Switch improves graphics and adds Cross-Save support with PC | Gamepur

When The Witcher III: Wild Hunt for Nintendo Switch came out back in October of last year, it took many fans by surprise. CD Projekt Red, with help from Saber Interactive, managed to fit the entire game—expansions and all —into one physical cartridge (or a 28.1GB download). Not only that, it runs pretty well. But little did players realize there was something better coming.

Switch/PS4/XOne/PC Preview - 'Stoneshard'

Stoneshard is an old-school roguelike. You move your character around dungeons and overworlds in a turn-based fashion, trying to find loot and new abilities while managing your food, hunger, thirst, and countless other resources. It's not particularly new, but it feels like an attempt to modernize many roguelike elements, which can sometimes feel convoluted. The user interface is clear and lists things in easy-to-read ways, which is a big advantage over a title like Angband, which has a learning curve to read the screen. You need the clean user interface in Stoneshard because you'll probably die a lot.

Saber Interactive Removes All References From Social Media About Its Next Witcher 3 Update

Update - Tue 18th Feb, 2020 03:30 GMT: After removing its "worth the wait" comments on its official VK social Media page, Saber's patch for the Switch version of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Complete Edition has started to roll out in certain regions.