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The Cooking Mama Game for Switch That Came Out, and Then Disappeared - IGN

There have been a lot of gaming mysteries over the years, many of which have now been solved. What happened to Half-Life 2: Episode 3? Well, we kind of know. What’s the meaning of the Mt. Chiliad mystery? We got our answer. But there’s a new gaming enigma, one that stretches back into last year, a mystery still waiting to be solved as I type:

Where to buy Ring Fit Adventure: where you can still grab Ring Fit right now

Looking for where to buy Ring Fit Adventure? You may have found that Nintendo's exercise game is hard to come by right now, as most retailers are out of stock. Nintendo has even noted on its official store that "availability is extremely limited".

PR - Skater XL Coming to Nintendo Switch in July 2020 - Skateboarding Icons and Massive Downtown LA Map Revealed

Hit the Concrete in the Only Skateboarding Game Coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC

Looking for a Nintendo Switch? It comes free with this £23/pm Huawei phone deal

With the UK plunged into self-isolation, Nintendo Switch deals seem to be an impossible item to get your hands on. Sold out in most shops and only available at insanely inflated prices, it's time to get creative in finding the best prices.

In Other Waters Out Now on PC and Nintendo Switch | Invision Game Community

Alison Jones

Hello, We are now in 2020, and I have no idea what I am going to do this year, my new self-employed job as a Marketing and Media Professional based in Wales is going well, have made plenty of contacts and taken on a few jobs that have helped me grow my little business. I still love playing simulation games but have started to enjoy a good JRPG from time to time. I really enjoyed being a student at the University of South Wales as made plenty of good friends and found a future perfect for me. This year I hope to grow my business more and maybe find my one true love. You can contact me at alison@invisioncommunity.co.uk

Harry Potter-Style Wizard RPG Witchbrook Gets A Fresh Look, And It's Pretty Magic

Chucklefish's 'magical school sim' Witchbrook has a fresh new look, it has been revealed.

Trancelation review for Nintendo Switch, PC - Gaming Age

Platform: Nintendo SwitchAlso on: PCPublisher: Baltoro GamesDeveloper: Mythic OwlMedium: DigitalPlayers: 1Online: NoESRB: E

As someone who’s been working for months (if not years) to improve my French, Trancelation sounds pretty intriguing. Its basic premise is basically Duolingo: Dance Party Edition, where you have to click on words that appear across the screen as beats throb in the background, lights flash and pulse, and enemies fly at you from all over the screen.

The "Super Mario" Remasters Will Likely Debut in One Package

Reports indicate there may be a series of remastered Mario games on their way to the Nintendo Switch, if the rumors swirling around happen to be true. Nintendo is said to be bringing games like Super Mario 64, Super Mario Sunshine, and Super Mario Galaxy to the Nintendo Switch as a series of remastered titles. But while many have surmised they might simply be released one after another in a series of standalone boxes and installments, the latest rumors seem to indicate that they might all come in one package.

Why Microsoft needs to bring more Xbox games to Nintendo Switch

Switch Owners Can Get A Free Month's Comic Book Subscription With Izneo

Izneo, one of the comic book apps currently available on Nintendo Switch, is offering up a month's free premium subscription as part of its Stay At Home campaign.

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