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Final Fantasy XIV Update Version 8.24 Full Patch Notes (PS4, PC)

Final Fantasy XIV update version 8.24 is available to download now for PS4 and PC. Here are the full patch notes for this update.

Dreams Runs At a Dynamic Resolution On PS4 Pro and Can't Maintain 60 FPS

Dreams is one of the most ambitious titles released for the PS4. It also supports the PS4 Pro but apparently, despite offering a better frame rate, it can’t maintain 60 FPS.

All the big game releases for 2020 on Playstation, Xbox and Switch

We’re only a couple months into 2020 and it’s already shaping up to be a fantastic year for gamers.

PS4 VR’s big Dreams update will make owning a PSVR on PS5 worth it

Dreams on PS4 has now launched but it doesn’t sound like fans will be waiting long for the game to reach other platforms. During a recent interview with Media Molecule's Alex Evans, it was revealed that Dreams will be coming next to PS4 VR. And there probably could be a new Virtual Reality project more likely to push sales on both the PS4 and PS5. The game creation tool has been shown to offer incredible scope for those wanting to take on both basic and complex projects.

Final Fantasy VII Remake will take up 100GB of space on PS4. - Jack of All Controllers

Square Enix has confirmed that Final Fantasy VII Remake will take up a massive 100GB on PS4. Previously the Japanese publisher said that the game will take up an entire 2 Blu-Ray discs and that remains true.

Hands-on review: PS4 Back Button Attachment

The PS4 console may have been out since 2013, but the device is still receiving a lot of support from Sony. It’s now 2020 and a new device is available for the DualShock 4 controller called the “Back Button Attachment”. 

This Water-Cooled PS4 Pro Is the Coolest Custom Job You've Ever Seen

This Water-Cooled PS4 Pro Is the Coolest Custom Job You've Ever Seen

February 17, 2020 6:21 PM EST

Darksiders Genesis Review - Start at the Very Beginning (PS4)

As a huge fan of the Darksiders franchise, I’ll admit I had a healthy amount of skepticism heading into Darksiders Genesis. Gameplay makes a radical shift to an isometric view, Strife gets paired up with War, and it’s developed by a different team than the mainline numbered games. But this prequel spin-off ended up surprising me, with gameplay that felt true to the series and a “buddy cop” dynamic between War and Strife that adds, rather than takes away. I still want a full-scale adventure as Strife (let my favorite horseman get his due!), but this holdover prequel experience by Airship Syndicate is a quality Darksiders adventure that earns its place in the canon, hinting at the immense possibilities for the franchise.

Free Star Wars Dynamic Themes Available For Jedi Academy, Jedi Outcast (PS4)

While the PS4 has literally thousands of themes, most of which will cost you money, you can snag some pretty great themes for the system at no cost if you know where to look. Recently, there have several free PS4 themes up for grabs, like the brand-new The Last of Us Part 2 theme and Yakuza Remastered Collection theme, and now Star Wars fans can get a couple of free themes of their own. Games publisher Aspyr is offering a pair of free dynamic theme codes inspired by two Star Wars classics: Star Wars Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast and Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy. These codes can only be redeemed on US consoles.

Dreams PS4 Sales Crack Top 10 UK Bestseller List

While we wait on worldwide stats pertaining to Dreams‘ sales performance, it seems to be a hit, at least in the UK. It ranked among the region’s top 10 bestsellers during its launch week, taking the 8th spot ahead of Luigi’s Mansion 3 and NBA 2K20. This strong sales performance is in line with its critical success, which has been positive across many outlets and currently holds a metascore of 90 on Metacritic.

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