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Xbox Series X liegt im Zeitplan – Preis noch nicht endgültig festgelegt › Dr. Windows

Trotz der schwierigen Umstände und der Tatsache, dass die Entwicklerteams derzeit nur virtuell die Köpfe zusammenstecken können, glaubt Phil Spencer noch immer daran, dass die Xbox Series X wie geplant im Herbst auf den Markt kommen kann. Über den Preis der neuen Konsole scheint indes noch nicht final entschieden worden zu sein.

PS5 Launch Title Godfall Boasts Ray Tracing, Is A Mixture Of Dark Souls And Destiny - PlayStation Universe

PS5 Is Attracting an Obscene Amount of FUD Right Now

is the private twitter acount that posted that BS from that windows central guy?

Xbox Series X boss reacts to rival PS5's specs

The race between the Xbox Series X and PS5 is hotting up. Despite the global health crisis closing down factories and interrupting supply lines, both consoles are on track for their holiday 2020 release date, and the inner workings of both PS5 and Xbox Series X have been revealed to the general public. 

Godfall leads Official PlayStation Magazine's PS5 preview special

At this time it's good to have something to look forward to, and what better than the games we'll be playing on PS5 at the end of the year? This issue we detail the confirmed games for Sony's next-gen console.

Rogue Legacy 2 PS4 - Is It Happening? - PlayStation Universe

Next-gen ray-tracing helps Dying Light 2 feel "even more intense", says Techland

Ever since the game was first announced at E3 2018, Techland has been refreshingly upfront about the fact that Dying Light 2 is being developed as a cross-gen release for both current platforms in addition to the upcoming consoles, PS5 and Xbox Series X. 

God Of War 5 Is Getting Delayed Due To Corona Virus? Or It Is Waiting For PS 5? Can We Play It On PC? - Pop Culture Times

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Hideo Kojima Wants to Make A "Revolutionary" Horror Game That Makes You "Poop Your Pants"

Hideo Kojima wants to make a "revolutionary" horror game that doesn't make you peep your pants, but poop 'em. Since Death Stranding released last year and Kojima proved once again he can predict the future, the Japanese visionary has been talking about his next game, and has hinted here and there it could be a horror game. In fact, right around the release of Death Stranding, Kojima revealed he has new ideas for a horror game, and then revealed how he's preparing to make a horror title. Again, it seems like Kojima's next game will be a horror game, but for now, the legendary director has not confirmed this.

A Video That Allegedly Belongs to the PS5's Developer Kit Was Fake - Somag News

A YouTube user recently released a video showing the developer kit and UI of PlayStation 5. However, some details in the images revealed that the video was fake.

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