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35 essential games to play while stuck at home

These are titles that have amazed and captivated us over the years, with the main qualifying factor that they are all playable on this current console generation or a modern PC. So, no, you won’t find Super Mario Bros., or even some games we’ve previously dubbed the most influential video games of the past decade. But you will find hours of quality gameplay and entertainment for gamers young and old.

Switch to get retro G-mode favorites - Warrior Trading News

Still retailing at a firm $300, the Nintendo Switch is, for many, the current favorite in modern gaming consoles. But some of the top games coming out for Nintendo’s newest platform are little older.

VCS Console Designer Suing Atari Over Breach of Contract

Atari isn't having the best time with its upcoming VCS mini-console. Back in October, Rob Wyatt, one of the console's chief architects, quit the project citing unpaid invoices. Now, Wyatt is suing Atari, claiming the company failed to cough up payment for work undertaken on the VCS.

25 of the best 80s, 90s and 00s retro computer games to play during lockdown

Daily Star writers have chosen their favourite retro computer games. If you've got an old Sega Mega Drive, N64, PS1 or Amiga 500 gathering dust, it's the perfect time to plug it back in

How The Body-Swapping Villainy Of HyperParasite Came To Be

Here at Troglobytes, we were all born in the 1980s, surrounded by pop culture that was characterized by cheesy action movies and classic video games. You can tell that by having a look at our small studio — the walls are plastered with action movie posters and we also collect vintage consoles and games from that era.

Official PlayStation Magazine Is the UK's Last Licensed Publication

I used to get the official Sega one as a kid, then the PS one from the age of about 14. I'd get all sorts of others too, like NME, Melody Maker, Empire, Edge, Games Master, CVG, some skating ones, and more. Even this terrible N64 one that clearly used a camera to take screenshots instead of a capture card so it looked fan made.

Diving Into the Weird World of Fan-Made Horror Video Games

Since the very dawn of gaming, titles based on pre-existing IPs have bet on the popularity of famous franchises in order to boost sales and attract fans who might not have been that into gaming before. Unfortunately, years of quality control issues and rushed cash-grabs have tainted the public perception of licensed games, and with the exception of a few recent online titles and the occasional DLC character, the days of video game adaptations for nearly every major theatrical release are behind us now.

Viz Media will publish Super Mario Bros. Manga Mania compilation in Late 2020

Viz Media and Nintendo are teaming up to release the Super Mario-Kun manga series in the US for the first time.

Nintendo Download: 2nd April (Europe) - Gaming Ideology

The current Nintendo Download upgrade for Europe has actually shown up, and it’s bringing brand-new games galore to the eShop in your area. As constantly, make certain to drop a vote in our survey and comment down below with your prospective choices for the week. Enjoy!

Gaming Is In Hot Demand People! - Canyon News

UNITED STATES─There are a lot of things that people are doing to occupy their free time after being laid off, fired or forced to work from home in the midst of an economic crisis. Many are glued to the couch and the TV, others are writing, others are reading, but the one commodity which I was surprised to learn has really exploded is gaming. Yes, you heard me correctly videogames have seen a massive boom in recent weeks because of our current predicament.

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