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Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles Remastered Edition Gets Rated In Australia

Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles Remastered Edition was due to arrive on 23rd January until Square Enix decided to push the game back to summer 2020. The reason behind this decision was so the development team could make some final adjustments to the game, to ensure it was the best experience possible.

Xbox Adaptive Controller and Logitech Adaptive Gaming Kit Review | TheXboxHub

When Microsoft came to market with the Xbox Adaptive Controller back in 2018, they immediately opened up the entire gaming landscape to a whole new player. What was once thought of as a controller-only exercise, those with limited movement, mobility or other restrictions could now make the most of the Adaptive Controller’s magic to keep gaming forever more. And with the Logitech Adaptive Gaming Kit, the accessibility options have opened up once more. I won’t sit here and tell a lie – I think the combination of Adaptive Controller and Adaptive Gaming Kit is a match made in heaven. Quite frankly, they are both awesome pieces of kit. 

PS4 VR’s big Dreams update will make owning a PSVR on PS5 worth it

Dreams on PS4 has now launched but it doesn’t sound like fans will be waiting long for the game to reach other platforms. During a recent interview with Media Molecule's Alex Evans, it was revealed that Dreams will be coming next to PS4 VR. And there probably could be a new Virtual Reality project more likely to push sales on both the PS4 and PS5. The game creation tool has been shown to offer incredible scope for those wanting to take on both basic and complex projects.

Is there a Modern Warfare PS5 and Xbox Series X release date? - GameRevolution

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (2019) is, of course, proving to be very popular with gamers on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. With 2020 marking the release of new console hardware, however, lots of players are wondering if they’ll have to end their career early or whether there might be next-gen versions of the game on the horizon. So, do Activision and Infinity Ward have launches for Modern Warfare PS5 and Modern Warfare Xbox Series X planned?

How publishers will approach current-gen on PS5, Xbox Series X

Key industry trends give us major clues on how gaming's billion-dollar titans will approach next-gen game releases, including backwards compatibility, PS5 and Xbox SX ports, and other key business models.

New PS5 Leaked Patent Suggests a Weird Design for the Console | V Herald

Speculation regarding Sony‘s upcoming PS5 console keeps surfacing all over the Internet. Fans have started to imagine the new features Sony will provide gamers with later this year, and some are peeping through patent fillings to get a look at the new PS5 before its launch.