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Godfall PS5 4K Wallpapers Show High-Resolution Character Models

Counterplay may be keeping us on the edge of our seats as we wait for information on Godfall, the first game ever shown for the next-gen console, but at least we have a few new Godfall PS5 4K wallpapers showing off the game’s characters in high-resolution. There’s not much additional information right now. The image names are intentionally vague, listing the characters only by number. These are the same three characters seen in the initial reveal trailer, both full-character images and closer zoomed shots of the same pose. There’s also a bonus wallpaper featuring the lion armor character in profile, his armor glowing orange.

Check out all of the wallpapers below (click to enlarge to full 4K).

Godfall PS5 4K Wallpapers

Though we’re still waiting on the PS5 reveal, we know of two third-party games that are confirmed for the next-generation console. Square Enix and People Can Fly’s Outriders was recently revealed as coming to the PS5, and Gearbox and Counterplay Games’ Godfall was unveiled back at The Game Awards 2019.

We had a chance to interview Keith Lee, the Creative Director of Godfall, to learn how it plans to take advantage of the next-gen console, as well as how it will utilize the unique features of the DualShock 5 controller. Recently, gameplay for Godfall leaked, first as a brief six-second clip, and then as a longer full trailer. Counterplay then confirmed that the leaked gameplay was an older internal trailer and not necessarily representative of the current state of the game. They promised more on Godfall “soon,” but weren’t any more specific. Technically these Godfall PS5 4K wallpapers do count as more, but most players are anticipating a more full reveal of the game alongside Sony’s own PS5 reveal.

At this point, predicting the PS5 reveal date is pure guesswork. Sony has been breaking all conventions when it comes to trickling out information on the PlayStation 5, not to mention skipping E3 for two years in a row. For now, enjoy gazing at these Godfall PS5 4K wallpapers. It’s the closest we’re going to get to the PS5 for now.

[Source: Counterplay Games]

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