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Looking for a Nintendo Switch? It comes free with this £23/pm Huawei phone deal

With the UK plunged into self-isolation, Nintendo Switch deals seem to be an impossible item to get your hands on. Sold out in most shops and only available at insanely inflated prices, it's time to get creative in finding the best prices.

Luckily, for those also needing a new phone contract, there is a pretty simple way to get a new Nintendo Switch. Virgin is offering up the console as a tasty add-on to one of its Huawei phone deals - the Huawei P Smart.

These deals begin from a pretty impressive £19 a month but the best offering seems to be a £23 a month offer with 8GB of data. How are these plans so cheap? Well, in typical Virgin fashion, they operate on 36-month contracts.

If you would prefer something shorter, you can get this exact deal (including the Switch) on 24-month contracts, you'll just end up paying an increased price to do so. Whichever of the prices and data caps you're looking for, we've included all of the information below.

Phone deals + Nintendo Switch Lite:

Huawei P Smart | Virgin | 8GB data | Free upfront | £23 a month
Yes, it is a 36-month contract but at £23 a month for both a 2019 smartphone and a Nintendo Switch, this truly is some exceptional value. And for an extra £2 a month you can upgrade to 25GB of data or for £29.50, you can cut the contract down to 24 months and still get both the console and 8GB of data.
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What's the Huawei P Smart like?

It may not be the most powerful phone from Huawei but considering the price it comes at here, it is pretty exceptional. It has a slick design, ample amounts of storage and a screen way above its price range.

It even carries a 3400mAh battery - a flagship-level spec these days - and a strong dual camera set-up.

Read our full Huawei P Smart review to find out more

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